Air Conditioning Jobs You Can Do Yourself

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Though many air conditioning contractors might deny it, there are several air conditioning jobs that the average homeowner can take care of themselves with just a few tools. Every air conditioning unit requires maintenance throughout the year and if a homeowner can do these jobs on their own, it could mean a savings of several thousand dollars per year. Why spend money on these regular tasks when you could spend the money on a repair that a professional must do if there is a breakdown in the system?

Replace the Air Filter At Least Once Per Year

One of the most commonly forgotten about tasks is to replace the air filter in the home. These filters are specifically designed to remove allergens and contaminants from the air supply that you and your family breathe in. Just as you can increase your gas mileage in a vehicle by regularly changing the air filter, you can lower your utility bills because your air conditioning system is able to run more efficiently. Considering most filters are around $10 and it takes maybe 10 minutes to replace a filter, this is the easiest DIY maintenance chore you can do.

Clean the Condensation Drains

Did you know that the normal air conditioning system in a home comes equipped with drains to help remove excess condensation from the system? These drains never collect just water: they are also filled with dust, debris, and other forms of dirt that can affect the quality of your air. When the debris accumulates enough, these drains can become blocked too. By cleaning these drains on a regular basis, your air conditioning system will have a better chance at running at full capacity on a consistent basis.

Lighting Your Pilot Light

If you’ve got a pilot light, there is a good chance that at some point in time it will go out. Without an operational pilot light, your system will lack the ability to ignite the fuel that is powering it. Rather than call someone out to re-light the system, you can do it yourself rather easily. Consult the owner’s manual of your unique system and you’ll be able to find specific instructions to follow to re-ignite your pilot light.

Verify the Operational Capacity of Your Thermostat

Many homeowners are choosing to upgrade their thermostat to a modern, energy efficient model, but the reality is that with some basic monitoring skills, this can be done on almost any thermostat. Every 1 degree of difference over an 8 hour period equates to a 1% reduction in a utility bill, so by making sure your thermostat is operating properly you can achieve these results. If it seems too hot or too cool in a home, you may need to have your thermostat replaced. Otherwise, just monitor your temperatures closely and you’ll realize real savings next month!

What Air Conditioning Work Could You Do Today?

If you can’t remember changing your air filter, then you’ll want to get that changed right away. You may even wish to change it next month as well if it has been some time since the filter was last changed. As you take care of these chores, you’ll be saving money by doing the work yourself… and you’ll save money on your utility bills too! What DIY chores could you do today?

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