The Benefits of Central Air

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People tend to forget the benefits of having cool air until the warmer months start to creep up on them. Central air conditioning units are extremely popular for good reason. Their ability to provide cool air consistently, evenly and throughout the entire house surpasses all individual units on the market.

Types of Units

There are various types of central air conditioning units that allow you to choose what is appropriate for your needs and budget. Some of the most commonly used and most efficient units are the Ductless split systems that caters to having the evaporator inside the home while the compressor and condenser are based outside. Other systems include a Water-cooled system which is an in-home unit that uses water that could be placed in a basement since it has no need to use outside air. The water is used with a refrigerant to create a cool temperature. Air-cooled systems have a built-in coil that consists of a refrigerant in which air is blown across this coil. Mini-duct/High Velocity systems use thin plastic tubing that moves cool air to be distributed all through the house. Packaged systems allow for all fixings and elements to be kept together in one place.


There are different types of central air conditioning units and they each use a different method to provide cool air. Despite these differences, the results are the same. Cool air is simultaneously provided in every room of the house. This makes for even temperatures and maximum efficiency in supplying ultimate comfort during the hot summer heat. Individual units cannot work in sync with each other which allows for differences in temperatures in different rooms of the house. Using a central air conditioning unit will ensure a refreshing experience, no matter what part of the house you are in.

Consistent Temperatures

Central air conditioning units are installed to be controlled by a thermostat that allows for a constant cool temperature in the home. This feature caters to the many individual needs of people’s differing schedules. If the thermostat is programmable, temperatures can kick in to supply cool air when the home is in use or to conserve energy while the home is vacant. This eliminates the need for manual temperature adjustments and inconsistent operating due to inefficient cooling.

Noise Control

Central air conditioning units are extremely less noisy than individual units and often make no noise at all depending on the type of system. Since some systems operate in a basement, on a roof or outside of the home, it intends for most of the noise to be directed away from the inside of the house. By redirecting the little noise produced, it doesn’t interfere with quality of life nor interrupt the peaceful and quiet atmosphere in the home.


The air compressor component of a central air conditioning unit is usually the only part of the system that is seen, if it’s seen at all. The flexible ability to be placed in basements or in out-of-the-way and concealed spots like behind the back of the house, allows for many benefits that individual units don’t offer. Views from windows aren’t blocked off and unattractive units sitting in several windows don’t embarrass the home owner.

Central air conditioning units work so efficiently, that the hassles of dealing with the Summer heat is soon forgotten. Check out this guide to learn more information about prices for different types of air conditioning. If interested in getting a new air conditioner it is suggested to get estimates from local HVAC contractors in your area.

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