Why New Home Buyers Need An Air Conditioner Inspection


Article from Max Mechanical

You’ve done the legwork, compared prices, bedroom count and backyard space. You’ve made the big decision, and the home of your dreams is just a few weeks away from move-in mode. It’s time to make sure the new house is in perfect shape, so you’ve hired a professional home inspector. However, it’s important to add a certified HVAC specialist to the process.

“Buying a new home is a wonderful experience, but it shouldn’t come with hidden expenses”, states Gary Singleton, owner of Max Mechanical Air Conditioning & Heating in Arlington, Texas.
1. Undetected AC Problems

According to the home warranty industry, air conditioning problems account for half the claims paid on newly purchased properties. This happens because the HVAC system only receives a quick examination during the inspection process. While a home inspector covers many bases around the house, his expertise doesn’t include air conditioners. Turning the AC on and letting it run for a few minutes doesn’t reveal much about the system’s overall condition. Without proper equipment and industry knowledge, it’s impossible to detect leaks in ductwork or voltage imbalances that can ruin a compressor.

2. Fine Print Disclaimers

You count on a home inspection to cover everything from roof to foundation. When the final report notes the AC is functioning, it’s natural to assume that the equipment doesn’t need repair or replacement. However, most home inspection services recommend a follow-up examination by a certified HVAC professional, and contractual disclaimers release the home inspector from liability in case of any AC breakdowns. This information is usually buried in the fine print, so be aware of all clauses and limitations. It’s frustrating to wade through pages of paperwork, but your diligence can head off future misunderstandings.

3. Expensive Replacement Surprises

Home warranty specialists recommend new home air conditioning inspections because AC breakdowns can be very expensive. If a home inspector’s report incorrectly rates a washing machine, the replacement cost averages between $300 and $400. The price of a new air conditioner can run into thousands of dollars, and that’s a serious cash outlay to face right after buying a new home. Most air conditioning repairs are affordable, and they head off costly replacements. An undetected refrigerant leak can kill a compressor, but inspection by a certified HVAC technician identifies the problem, and his repair expertise solves it.

4. Unreliable Seller’s Disclosure

There’s an understandable balancing act between a seller’s need to close the deal and your expectations of buying a perfect home. Most sellers are reluctant to invest in major repairs, so real estate agents negotiate contractual language that’s meant to satisfy both parties. However, a seller’s disclosure doesn’t always paint an accurate picture. You can’t know if the original homeowner invested in regular air conditioner maintenance, so it’s hard to gauge AC life expectancy. Regardless of disclosure statements, the seller can honestly be unaware of equipment conditions that pose potential repair problems and expensive replacements.

5. Peace of Mind

If you don’t already have a dependable HVAC specialist, now’s the time to partner up with an AC expert. His certified inspection gives you a detailed assessment of your new home’s air conditioning system. From the compressor and evaporator coils to wiring and ductwork, you know exactly what you’re getting. You also have solid documentation that addresses any problems with the seller before final closing. The cost of a professional AC inspection is a small investment in your new home that always pays off, and your peace of mind is an important part of the dividends.

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