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  • 2850 Dillard Road, Eustis, FL 32726, USA
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RCD Corporation mastics and duct sealants save energy by sealing leaking HVAC air ducts in forced air heating and cooling systems. Repairing and sealing sheet metal ductwork, flexible duct, fiberglass duct board air ducts and crawl spaces with RCD Corporation adhesives, duct sealants, mastics, and insulation coatings improves indoor air quality and saves electricity. Professional HVAC, Mechanical, and Weatherization Contractors depend upon RCD quality products every day.

RCD Corporation air duct sealants are weather resistant, earn LEED credits, are low odor, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Sealing duct leaks in single and multi-family dwellings, offices, hospitals, high rises, government and military buildings improves indoor comfort, air quality and saves electricity.

RCD Mastics, adhesives, and weather barrier coatings are considered green building products. They’re water-borne, release minimal pollutants, reduce heating and cooling loads, block the introduction, development or spread of indoor contaminants, contain recycled materials and are packaged in recyclable plastic containers.

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